John JuzbasichJohn Juzbasich is the CEO and one of the founders of Merit Career Development. He earned an MLD (Master of Leadership Development) degree from Penn State University and his undergraduate degree from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania; he is currently completing his dissertation for a Doctorate of Adult Education in Leadership degree at Penn State.

Upon graduation from Wharton, John joined IBM where he incorporated IT Economics into his selling process and achieved 10 consecutive IBM 100% Clubs. John worked for various IT firms including software and telecommunications equipment companies, where he again focused on the financial benefits of technology. He currently teaches the IT Economics to Merit clients.

John also teaches leadership and management for the US Government, worldwide for corporations, and lectures at universities on various topics. He is an Adjunct Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley Campus, teaching Strategic Leadership in their MBA and MLD programs.

John is a published author and his paper, Effects of Gender Composition of Leader-Follower Dyads and Leaders’ Level of Moral Development on Charismatic Leadership Ratings, won the “Best Paper Award” at the 2008 Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management conference. In 2011 The Leadership Quarterly published his “Effects of moral reasoning and management level on ratings of charismatic leadership, in-role and extra-role performance of managers: A multi-source examination”. He also co-authored a chapter: “Experiential learning as an outcome of meaning-making processes” in Meaning-Centered Education: Perspectives and Explorations, and his essays have been published in several books.

For his achievements, John has been accepted into several honor societies including: the Golden Key International Honor Society for academic scholarship, the Pi Lambda Theta International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education, and the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society for business excellence.


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